About the Garms Family


One of the greatest privileges for David and Kris Garms has been homeschooling for the past 13 years. Three of their children, Whitney (25), Benjamin (20) and Taylor (19), have graduated from their homeschool. The rest of the student body includes Uliana (18), Leesha (16), Samuel (11), Jayme (9), and Caleb (8).

The Garms family has many interests, both individually and as a family. They keep busy with reading, art, creative writing, trap shooting, puzzles, Legos, politics, games, sound design, audio engineering, clash swords, business entrepreneurship, graphic design, and web site building to name a few. They stay very active and love being together.

The family has a very special ministry: they provide a home for an 86 year-old gentleman who has no family. Psalm 68:6 talks about how the Lord puts the lonely in families, and to care for their friend as he ages is a God given honor and privilege to the Garms.

Music, however, is a central interest for the family. Though they have only performed for nearly two years, the family has always loved music. The family music group, Great Adventure Gospel Band, brings together the family’s talents and their passion for God’s Word and the Gospel.  Great Adventure Gospel Band has performed at numerous churches, fairs, and festivals. In 2010, they made over 45 appearances across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa. 

Independent learning is encouraged in the Garms family’s school experience. Except for minimal help from Dad and Mom, the children have taught themselves to play many instruments. The family has utilized various training books and videos to help each band member sharpen their skills vocally as well as instrumentally.

The Garms have learned teamwork through the ministry of Great Adventure. Everyone has tasks to help with, whether on or off stage. It also gives the children an opportunity to interact with a variety of people.

Most importantly, the Garms family (Great Adventure) has the opportunity to share the Gospel and to encourage believers in the Word. Each family member is learning how to apply the Word to themselves and being able to share what they have learned.
To learn more about the Garms family and Great Adventure Family Ministries, visit their web site at http://www.greatadventurefamily.com/. The Garms are excited to share this music and pray it blesses all.