Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Right Time" Coming Soon!

Great Adventure Gospel Band's second CD coming soon!

The song list for our upcoming Christmas CD.

Ben - our wonderful engineer has worked tirelessly on the project.

This Saturday and Sunday (10/8 - 10/9) found us busy wrapping up the CD. Ben set about mastering the CD on Sunday afternoon with Leesha lending a listening ear.

Taylor working on the graphic design for "The Right Time" on Sunday afternoon.

And while BLT were working on different aspects of the CD, Dad, Mom, and the LAs all contributed to another project: bulletin necklaces! (But more information on that later.)

Yes, we are in the throes of finishing up our first Christmas CD, and are thrilled to be almost done with it!

We decided on the name The Right Time for our Christmas CD, based off of a song which has received positive feedback during our concerts: "At the Right Time". The CD will include many traditional Christmas songs, including (not in any particular order)...
  • "At the Right Time"
  • "The First Noel"
  • "Away in a Manger"
  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
  • "Dona Nobis Pacem"
  • "Silent Night"
  • "What Child Is This?"
  • "Go Tell It On the Mountain"
  • "Little Drummer Boy"
  • "Angels We Have Heard on High"
  • and also Sam and Jayme's cute recitation of "Jesus and Santa Claus"
There are a few minor details to be completed before we send the CD off to the replicators, but Lord-willing, "The Right Time" will be available for purchase this month! We will keep you all posted on specifics.

Merry Christmas! :)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
The Garms Family


Daniel J. Mount said...

I'm looking forward to hearing it! Can't wait for it to come out! :)

Question on the cover: Real snow in the background, or Photoshopped?

The Garms Family said...

Daniel: Can't you tell we took the picture in the middle of a blinding Minnesota snow storm? ;)

Well, okay...the snow was Photoshopped; I used several techniques (brushes, masks, shapes, etc.), and it kind of turned out to look like snow, I think. :)

-Taylor for TGF

Hannah said...

How exciting! I know how much work projects like that can be - it's so rewarding to finally be nearing the end! I just LOVE the cover! You did an amazing job on that, Taylor. ;-)

Daniel J. Mount said...

Taylor - I would say that you did indeed do a good job. Yes, I could tell that the overlay huge flakes were a photoshop, but I genuinely wasn't sure about the background (at least from the size of image posted here!)

General question: When will it be made available for pre-order? :)

The Garms Family said...

Hannah: Yes, it is so rewarding (and relieving) to be almost done with the CD! (I for one am glad my recording is done; I was the last to finish my tracks. :P )

Thanks for your sweet encouragement! The cover took plenty of tweaking to get it where it is now...and there still may be more tweaking before it's sent off to the replicators!

Daniel: Thanks! The smaller snowflakes were actually Mom's idea (she is very good about thinking about the details), and I am glad they look somewhat realistic! :)

Pre-order?! Well, we've been considering pre-ordering for concerts, but online, hmm... :-D

-Taylor for TGF

Daniel J. Mount said...

Well, I can't wait to hear it, and would have no problem placing a pre-order today. :)

By the way, this is one of those album titles, much like Tribute Quartet's "The Waiting is Over" earlier this year, that just begs for some spin-off post titles. Ever since I saw this, I thought, "This post really should have been titled: 'It's almost The Right Time!'"


The Garms Family said...


Laugh out loud! Why didn't we think of that title? It's hilariously perfect! Perhaps we'll have to incorporate it into some upcoming post... :-D

We're glad you are excited about the CD; we are too, and hope people will enjoy it this coming Christmas season. :)

-Taylor for TGF

Amy W. said...


How exciting that you all are coming out with another CD!

I LOVE the cover design!! You did a fantastic job on it!


The Garms Family said...

Amy: Thank you! The cover was so fun to design - once I settled on a design that conveyed the Christmas winter feel! (Talk about difficult, especially since the photo was taken in the middle of spring!)

We are thrilled to have a second CD coming out this year! Next up: our hymns project - or perhaps our "tried and true" favorites, or all original songs, or... :-D

-Taylor for TGF

Daniel J. Mount said...

I'm rooting for all original songs!

I'm glad my post title idea brought a smile to your faces. :)