Sunday, September 25, 2011

Legacy Six Returns!

Yep, y'all: Legacy Six returned this Friday (September 23rd, 2011)!

Trey Ivey called Caleb up on stage during Legacy Five's encore, and Gus Gaches shared the last note on "Somebody Sing" with Caleb - "it was a hoot!"

If you haven't seen the first Legacy Six video (or just want to see it again), here it is:

More coverage from our time at Baxter soon to come. :)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF


yankeegospelgirl said...

How cool!!! Congratulations Caleb. :D Will you be sharing any more footage?

Josh said...


So disappointed that I couldn't make it... :(

Daniel J. Mount said...

I loved it!

(But you probably already knew that, given that I featured it myself last night!)

...oops, you didn't know that. I must have hit the save draft button instead of the new post button. It's up now!

The Garms Family said...

Dear YGG,

Thank you! I have one question for you, what does footage mean?

Caleb :lol:

The Garms Family said...

Dear Josh,

We are so disappointed that you didn't make it...but that's the way life goes, so that's that! We would have loved to meet and see you!

-Caleb :lol:

The Garms Family said...

Dear Daniel,

Glad you loved it! Thank you for posting the video! I really enjoyed it too.

-Caleb :lol:

yankeegospelgirl said...

Hi Caleb! "Footage" just means moving video. So I was asking if you guys would post more videos. :) Now you'll know what it means next time you hear about how somebody "captured live footage" of something.