Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will the Front Row, Full-Pew Crew Make It?

Will the Front Row, Full-Pew Crew make it to Baxter this year?

You'll never believe it. Leesha, Sam, and Jayme are now all stricken with...chicken pox! Exactly two weeks after I got it (this Monday), Leesha and Sam started with a fever and then sprouted spots that evening! This morning Jayme had brilliant spots showing on her face. Oh bother!

The icing on the cake is, The Most Anticipated Night of the Year is this Friday. "What?" you ask. It's the night when our favorite quartet, Legacy Five, comes to Baxter, MN and we, the Garms Family, head up north to see them and all our friends at Heritage Assembly of God. But, this house full of "chickens" (as Mal calls those who are sick) may not be able to fly the coup to experience the joy of the Most Anticipated Night of the Year. (Sorry for the puns.) Will some of us be able to go, or all of us, or none of us? What a dilemma!
We will let you know what happens in this chicken pox saga, but in the mean time, we appreciate your prayers!
Joy in the Journey, Taylor for the Garms


Herrlinger Family said...

That's so much our story. It seems our first case, Naomi, had it first. Then - exactly 2 weeks later (except for Laurissa, she got it about 4 days after the others) the others got it, including Andrea - who is 24. It kind of interfered with family camp with the Bontraggers and Wissmans as Laurissa and Andrea had to be quaranteened most of the time, and the boys the first part. But it's done - and we're happy about it.

Daniel J. Mount said...


Actually, do get it! I didn't get it until I was 20, when a younger sibling got it. They say it gets worse the older you are, and that proved true looking up and down the ages of everyone upon getting it.

What's more, I'd just finished my bachelor's degree, and I was a couple of days away from starting my first full-time job.

(There could be one worse than that, I suppose . . . at least I didn't get it a few days before a family member's wedding!)