Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad News...

As I was finishing up my previous blog, I received a call from my dad.

He lost his job.

His employer made the decision to let him go, to fire him, as the airplane shop were Dad has been employed for the last seven years has no work. Dad is packing up his tools and coming home.

This is scarey.

A family of eight at home, plus an elderly man, to take care of, and a music ministry to run, and Dad has no way of providing income for our family. A grip of fear has just clutched my heart. What is going to happen?

Right now I am at our church, using the wireless here to upload the video of Caleb and Legacy Five, and I can just imagine what is going on at home (if the kids have been told). Jayme is in tears. Caleb is asking questions. Sam is worried. Leesha and Ben are thinking, "What are we going to do now?" Mom is filled with concern and insecurity.

Lord, what are Your plans? We know You know what's ahead for our family, what You are trying to teach us, what blessings You have in store for us, but this is hard. We are frightened.

Oh friends, please pray for us. Pray that God would supply all our needs, that He would give us peace, give us the strength to get through this valley. Pray for wisdom for Dad and Mom. Please ask for God's guidance for our family as we enter this uncertain season in our lives.

Lord, we don't understand, but we trust You. We will walk through the valley. Amen.

Finding joy in the journey,
Taylor for the Garms Family


Deb Schmidt said...

Hi Taylor--Your Aunt Janelle posted Caleb's you tube video on facebook. I was so impressed! Then she sent your website address. Wow! Impressive again! I went to elementary & high school with your mom, so it was fun to catch a glimpse into her life now. I was sorry to hear about your dad's job, but as you said I'm sure God has plans for all of you. I will certainly keep all of you in my prayers. If you have an email list, please feel free to put me on it. ( Blessings, Deb Schmidt

Herrlinger Family said...

We will definitely keep you in our prayers. I know it's a scary time for you. It will be exciting though, to see what new "adventures" God opens up for you. Keep looking to Him - maybe full time music????????